China Water Exchange


About Us

    China Water Rights Exchange Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "water rights exchange) is to implement the Party Central Committee and the State Council on the deployment of water right and water market construction decision, with the approval of the State Council, by the Ministry of water resources and the Beijing Municipal Government jointly launched the establishment of national water rights trading platform. To give full play to the market in the allocation of water resources in the decisive function and better to play the role of government, promote the orderly conduct of the water rights trading norms, to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of water resources utilization, provide strong support for sustainable utilization of water resources and sustainable development of economy and society.

    Chinese water exchange for Limited by Share Ltd, the registered capital of 600 million yuan, contribution of all money, invested a total of 12, including: Beijing Cathay Xinhua Industrial Co. Ltd. and Beijing city water investment center, Xinhua water conservancy Holdings Corporation, China Water Investment Co. Ltd., the Yangtze River Water Conservancy and Hydropower Development Corporation, Sanmenxia the Yellow River Mingzhu Group Co. the company, Beijing Financial Street capital operation center, Huaihe water planning and Design Research Ltd., North China Water Conservancy and Hydropower Engineering Group Co., Ltd. Pearl River Water Planning Survey and Design Co. Ltd., Jilin Songliao water resources development limited liability company, Shanghai Taihu Hydropower Development Co., ltd..

    Business purpose: to carry out the Party Central Committee and the State Council on the establishment of water right and water market strategy deployment, give full play to the the important role of market mechanism in the allocation of water resources, promote the rational allocation of water resources, efficient utilization and effective protection, build in line with national conditions, water regime has the international influence of national water rights trading platform.

    Scope of business: to organize and guide the eligible for users to carry out by the water administrative approval of the competent department of water rights trading, and business consulting, technology assessment, information release, intermediary services, public services and other supporting services. Transaction mode for the transfer of the agreement, open transactions. The type of transaction, including the regional water rights trading of water rights trading, irrigation water users of water rights trading etc..

    Development goals: the goal in the near future is tracking match larger water rights trading, the summary of practical experience, and constantly improve the trading system; medium-term goal is to broaden the scope of business, according to market demand, in order to promote the basin, branch of the construction, to achieve the steady development of water rights transactions; long-term goal is innovative services and products, to establish a clear hierarchy, system is complete, standardized operation and healthy development of water rights trading platform system.

    Chinese water rights exchange is headquartered in Beijing city Xicheng District South Court Street No. 10 foundation building.